JUNE Cooking Classes

Another great set of classes this month.  What did our guests think?...here are just a few:- "He has the patience of a saint. Leon was excellent, involved everyone & made it really fun" "Very informative, had a FANTASTIC evening.  Food was great!" "Very interactive & made it look sooo easy! What a great evening - will be back in the future!" "Chef Leon is talented & entertaining" "Leon is a real people person so his personality makes for an enjoyable evening" "Lovely engaging person with a wealth of knowledge.  A pleasure to spend time with" read more


Another successful month of deliciousness during our MAY Masterclasses!!  What did people have to say? "Fantastic, friendly & informative" "Loved it.  Very personal, we all got involved" "Very friendly & personable.  Thanks for the fun experience!" "Character and a half....very enjoyable session"   read more


We conducted our set of 3 April Cooking Classes this month, we are so pleased that everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves.  We are in it for the long run so REGISTER YOU INTEREST NOW :)   You are but a click away!! read more


WHAT JUST A FEW OF OUR GUESTS HAVE TO SAY (WOULD NEED ALOT OF ROOM TO INCLUDE THEM ALL!!) "Very informative & heaps of fun!""Great, friendly environment from not only the chef. Very informative & exactly what I was hoping for. Will definately come again!""Perfect mix of friendly & informative, made easy to as questions, gave lots of ideas & fantasti...c Chef - Amazing :) Even better than expected!""Wonderful, fun, knowledgeable, down to earth, AWESOME!!""Engaging! honest, understandable - speaks to non-cook people" "Chef was very approachable & easy... read more


We are the day after the DEBUT of our our FIRST MASTERCLASS COOKING LESSON!! What a fantastic evening.  Read the Feedback from our guests!! “Chef Leon – Awesome, friendly & honest” “Friendly, informative & entertaining, thoroughly enjoyed it all!” “Gregarious, on the level with the people, present, effervescent, worked hard to bring the people along with him, very entertaining, worth the evening” Tonights class is FULLY BOOKED but REGISTER your interest for the next set of classes in MAY....We will contact you to confirm your availability on... read more